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Honda BF40E in offer!

The BF40E is a technologically advanced lightweight outboard engine with excellent power-to-weight ratio, powerful acceleration and impressive fuel-efficiency. Moreover, it is possible to drive one without the driving licence.


S - L
96 - 98
charging capacity
The BF40E is a fuel-injected, four stroke three-cylinder 998cc lively and responsive outboard that will provide dependable performance for water lovers whichever water they ply. Both are NMEA2000® compliant, electronic fuel injected engines with optional Trolling Control.


Honda BF40E + analog gauges priced at 5699€


Honda BF40E + multifunction RayMarine priced at 5849€

pay in 24 installments and interest rate 0%


New user interface LightHouse: simple and quick to use

Viewing angles of 160°

Configuration Wizard to configure the autopilot easily and quickly

Antireflection coating for improved visibility in direct sunlight

Lower consumption: typical 132 mA/1.6 W

Autopilot modes supported: Auto; Standby; Pattern; Track; Wind Vane; Power Steer and Jog Steer

Autopilot information display in different formats

Lighting system and tool groups

Support multiple data sources

NMEA 2000 SeaTalkng and SeaTalk1 links (requires no bridge)



 Engine type    4st Water Cooled
Valves   OHC 3-Cyl.
Displacement (cc)   808
Bore X Stroke (mm)   70 x 70
Full Throttle Range (RPM)   5,000-6,000
Rated Power kW (BHP)   29.8 (40)
Cooling System   Water Cooled (with Thermostat)
Fuel Delivery   Programmed Fuel Injection
Ignition System   Electronic PGM-IG
Starting System   Electric starter
Exhaust System   Propeller boss
Gear Ratio   2.08
Propeller Rotation   Standard
Engine Trim and Tilt   Power Trim & Tilt or Gas Assisted
Electric Starter   Y
Alternator Output (A)   22A
Battery Charging Capacity (A)   17A
Dry Weight (kg)   98 Kg





  • BLAST™: Boosted Low Speed Torque - Honda BLAST™ hole shot technology with PGM-Fi electronic fuel injection delivers instant acceleration to get you up on to the plane as quickly as possible. It does this by using improved accurate ignition timing, which develops more torque at low RPM so you can rapidly reach cruising speed.
  • ECOmo: Economy Controlled Motor - Our unique lean-burn control ECOmo system adjusts the fuel to air ratio depending on load and speed to improve your fuel consumption when cruising. When your boat is up on the plane and cruising the PGM-FI system can adjust the air/fuel ratio up to 20% by making the mixture leaner.
  • Plug&Play: The engines are NMEA2000® compliant, which makes it compatible with all other NMEA2000® compliant electronic devices – like navigation and fishfinder systems. Engine data rpm, temperature and fuel consumption can be displayed through multi-functional gauges.
  • Trolling control: Precise control at slow speed is just as important as high-speed handling, especially if you're fishing. The optional Trolling Control will simply adjust the speed through increments of 50RPM - making it ideal for fishing.
  • 4 Front Corrosion Protection: We first anodise the aluminium casing with our patented ‘Double Seal’ process. Then an epoxy primer is applied before the shimmering silver paint. For further protection from UV rays, we apply a clear resin topcoat to finish. And to be doubly sure, a sacrificial anode is fitted so all connectors are waterproof. Corrosion doesn’t stand a chance.




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